Friday, October 7, 2011

Yoga Cyclopaedia - Volume I

Books on Yoga provide an overview of spiritual yogic philosophy and teach how posture and breathing can reveal other aspects of human personality. You will find instructional books for all levels of practice, books to inspire and deepened your practice, books on the philosophy of yoga, books on specific forms of practice and more.

We will be regularly publishing in this blog, reviews of the main publications of The Yoga Institute of Santacruz, Mumbai, India, which has completed now over 92 year of  existence and guidance for serious students of Yoga education & research.

The first book we'll be presenting is first volume of a great work done by The Yoga Institute to collect and compile knowledge on traditional Yoga:

Yoga Cyclopaedia - Volume I

Yoga is becoming popular. But which is the kind of Yoga that is gaining ascendancy?

Is it the circus like asanas and complicated kriyas and magical incantations and mantras? Is it the Yoga of pretentious contemplation when the mind is not steady and is running after material desires?

This indeed is not Yoga.

A Yoga that can generate body awareness and steadiness and control of the physical body, a Yoga that can lead to control of our mind and take us further into the understanding of the deeper layers of the subconscious, are closer to the concept of classical Yoga as available in statements like:

 "yogah citta vritti nirodhah"

Yoga is a complete control of the workings of the mind. At The Yoga Institute, Santacruz, now in its 92nd year of existence, the objective of learning is self control and dedication of oneself to spiritual values. Teachers coming here are trained with these objectives.

Imbued with the true spirit of Yoga, changes are occurring in the community associated with the institute for many years. Students become introverted, positive, involved in duties and reaching higher levels of consciousness.

We should not forsake the spiritual base of Yoga that results in deeper understanding of life and an equibalanced state of mind.

The first volume of the Yoga Cyclopaedia deals with the subject of Yoga asanas in a very responsible way, describing the best type of asanas one should practice for perfect health and for creating a better state of mind leading to inwardness, balance and peace.

"This book presents us with the foundations of the Dynamic cum Static Asanas + Yogendra Rhythm of Breathing as prescribed by Shri Yogendra as the "Essentials of Yoga Physical Education". I highly recommend it!"

- Daniel Fonseca
Wise Living Yoga Academy
Co-founder & Headmaster

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