Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Karma Yoga - Work with the right attitude

The emphasis is on the attitude and on consciousness. Maintaining a certain attitude constantly leads to a corresponding awareness which again leads to being established in this awareness at the time. That is why being involved in work is qualified by the statement “a right attitude”.

Work by itself is not what is suggested. To turn this work into worship will require change in the attitude. The usual suggestions here are faith, duty, service and concentration.

This immediately puts the mind in a different state. There is a worshipful attitude, dedication and much spiritual gain. In fact one who has reached such state and remains all the time in this state can very well claim the highest achievement for himself, i.e., self-actualization.

Do it - Why do we go on talking about right and wrong; good and evil? Newton talking about his work said it is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Those who talk of right or wrong spend 99% in talking and 1% implementing. The Gita wants us to work 100% in the spirit of KARMA YOGA.

(This explanation above was a talk given by Smt. Hansaji (our Guru) in the Satsang (Spiritual gathering) at The Yoga Institute, Santacruz, India.)

Students working together with the spirit of Karma Yoga

In our Yoga Teacher Training Courses held in Thailand, Brazil and Bali we lay much importance on training  the students on the path of Karma Yoga. Especially the old students in our 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training Course get to learn in depth about this path by performing assigned tasks and duties with correct attitude (Bhavas) and with balanced state of mind. It is a valid path that can help a Yoga aspirant in his/her daily life by bringing a sense of joy, balance and content even in the ups and downs of life. It relieves a person from insecurity, stress, anxiety and depression. 

Ana digging a hole for planting a sapling

Students planting tree saplings

Karma Yoga during Yoga Teacher Training - Brazil


Wise Living Yoga Academy is authorized to impart Yoga Teacher Training Courses on the tradition of The Yoga Institute of Santacruz in Mumbai, India – the world’s oldest organized Yoga Institution. The residential programs are held regularly in Bali (Indonesia), Chiang Mai (Thailand) & Minas Gerais (Brazil) throughout the year and are accredited by the Yoga Alliance USA, allowing the graduates to teach Yoga in any part of the world.

The 200 hours courses and the Advanced 300 & 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses are conducted regularly in our new permanent Yoga Center in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yoga Teacher Training in Brazil/Brasil

Dear Yoga friends,

It is the 20th day of our Yoga Teacher Training Course, here in the lush green mountains of Brazil/Brasil. And everyday is a long day filled with mental and physical yoga techniques. The students are going through a deep transformation at all the levels of their personality. It is a profound experience, living here up on the mountains, meditating and practicing, listening to philosophy and eating a healthy diet. It is a wonderful challenge, to bring a powerful and long lasting change. And it is in process :-)

From left to right: Jeenal, Cindy, Alice, Maria, Karine, Mariana, Damian & Daniel
Sitting: Luciana, Marli and Ana

All the participants have finished with their Yoga lesson plans and presentations. They have also experienced taking a 20 mins yogic relaxation class. Yesterday, Damian was the last but not the least to conduct his class on relaxation techniques. His words flowed like a soothing river, with so much serenity, with many colors and emotions, and everyone felt at ease. When a students find solace and satisfaction in sharing their deep expressions of the very essence of their being, I feel so much at peace and my trust and love in spreading this higher education of life grows even more. I felt gratitude, and I asked him "Do you feel content?"

It is a nice feeling, of peace, of kindness, when we know that we can be of help to someone. When we can make others smile, when we can uplift someones life. And this is YOGA!

Damian concluded the class with a sweet poem on Yoga, which I would like to share here:

Blossoming -
by Janet Arnold-Grych from The Poetry of Yoga Volume 2 (page 41)

In the beginning,
With each unraveling of the mat,
We are anxious to add to our garden,
To gather the beautiful buds,
And coax each asana to open quickly.
Feet in the dirt we stand,
Sometimes for the first time,
Connecting earth to muscle and muscle to sky,
The energy of an immense lineage
Pulsing with promise.
But as the poses settle,
As we settle,
We find that yoga’s true gift is not about more
But less.
The outline of the poses remain the same.
Yet when the space between is fed,
When ease replaces expectation,
When patience replaces petals,
We find that the asanas are no longer
About holding on,
But letting go.
And in that release,
Without judgment or force to impede,
Breath floods in,
Releasing the mind and freeing the heart.
Through yoga,
We find
That core of serene nothingness,
And learn that in letting go,
We gain everything.

What a beautiful poem, indeed! Isn't it?

We wish all our students the very best for their Yoga exam which is coming soon. But life itself is a test, and our best wishes will always remain with them. All our students are so special for us. Thank you so much everyone of you!

Namaste! OM Shanti!