That's what students from different parts of the world have to say about Daniel & Jeenal's Yoga classes:

I’m much impressed with Daniel’s classes as to my mind he’s got the necessary qualities of a good Yoga Teacher. Deep understanding of the subject of Yoga and ability to give very clear and simple explanations whether it concerns the technology of performing asanas or some philosophical aspects of Yoga. He is very inspiring person himself. While looking at him and his lifestyle you understand he experiences all the things he’s talking about. He is a right example to show how a person can change and develop integrating Yoga in his life”.

I highly appreciate Jeena’s classes a they were of great practical use and full of knowledge. Thanks to Jeena that now I feel confident working with different target groups, explaining them the way of doing asanas and introducing different Yogic concepts as well. Jeena is an amazing person who is always happy to share with her knowledge and experiences”.

Maria, TV Journalist – Russia

Daniel teaches asanas with such concentration and feeling that the student can’t help but feel balanced and like a new person after each class. Jeenal is a very patient, clear teacher who speaks with much depth and feeling. Her calm energy radiates to all students”.
Swati Patel, Student – USA

Jeenal’s class made me more confident in public speaking. I love her passion to inculcate values in the minds of young children. She gave amazing insight on how to teach children of different age groups with examples and evaluation was incredible which helped us better our talks”.

I absolutely love Daniel’s class. The asana class has helped me a lot even though I wasn’t extremely regular. His depth of knowledge even for the theory class is amazing and his way of teaching is very proficient. He makes learning more fun, I love his dedication and I hope to be able to practice everything he taught me. He is a great teacher and a person”.

Chinky Sainani, Student – India

I immensely enjoyed Daniel’ asana as well as philosophical classes. His enthusiasm is contagious as well as an inspiration to all of us. His asana class was the best, because he steadily and patiently guided us through all the movements, evertytime explaining the benefits and limitations and constantly applying the Yogendra rhythm as well as the correct breathing techniques. I will surely miss my classes with him”.

In a very relaxed and playful way, Jeena showed us how to teach asanas to children and adults, had a lot of fun and really learnt a lot from her. Also her methodology class of teaching yogic concepts to different age groups was extremely helpful, especially to take along on my journey as an aspiring Yoga teacher. I will miss her charming personality and beautiful smile”.

Angela Qureshi, Cruise Director – Austria

(In Portuguese)
Fica difícil falar tudo o que quero, o espaço é muito pequeno, mas vou tentar resumir. Simplesmente o meu Guru na Índia, pessoa com quem eu aprendi yoga, excelente professor, domina totalmente os conteúdos relacionados a yoga, tem uma facilidade muito grande de transmitir seu conhecimento, além de preparar maravilhosamente suas aulas. Parabéns, muito obrigado por tudo que você fez por mim”.

Excelente professora, muito bem preparada, total domínio do conteúdo e da turma, usa muito bem os exemplos de acordo com o conteúdo, ensinou de maneira majestosa como se prepara um bom plano de aula, mostrou como se ensina yoga em diversas situações diferentes e também para diferentes grupos. Parabéns, muito obrigado por tudo”.

Rodrigo Ferreira Medeiros, Prof. de Educação Física – Brasil

Daniel was my first ever yoga teacher and he gave me the most positive and inspirational yoga beginning that I could ever ask for. Daniel have the tendency to say the right things at the right time, in time when you doubt yourself. He is very kind and funny and makes a fantastic atmosphere in the classes. He has incredible insight in the different asanas and is someone that will never give up on you and will guide you to your destination step by step. After his classes you feel uplifted, super happy and ready for a new day”.

Jeenal showed us how to communicate a message in the best way to groups of children. This could be messages about how to save the environment, recycling, how to treat each other, teenage problems etc etc. We learned how to teach children in all age groups and in the end of the course all of us was comfortable teaching children in big groups of 30-40. Jeenal is brilliant to understand children and she teaches this understanding away to her students. She teaches how children think and how it is best to teach children the yogi lifestyle and how they can be more aware over their surroundings".

Mirja Gundersen, Student – Norway

Jeenal is a wonderful, caring and passionate woman and teacher. It was obvious that she fully believed in the messages she relayed to the yoga students and that she tried to live her life by these values and beliefs as well. She was a friend and teacher of yoga. Thank you Jeenal!”

Daniel was my yoga teacher during my 3 month TTC at The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, India. He instructed us on yoga asanas and panayamas. He also conducted a class, especially for our group, reviewing Classic Yoga theory, classifications and philosophy. He was enthusiastic and passionate about each subjects and it conveyed. He was always prepared for class and kept the floor opened for our own thoughts, ideas and questions. It was obvious that he put his heart into his yoga practice, part of that consisted of giving his time to share his knowledge with us so that we received the best possible education. I have a deep respect and admiration for him. I feel that my time at The Yoga Institute was a truly enriching experience, giving me the necessary foundation on which to build my practice and the rest of my life. This was largely due to him; his care, dedication, unbelievable knowledge and understanding. Thank you Daniel!

Sarah Chiartas, School Teacher – USA