Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hansaji at International Yoga Seminar in Ujjain

Namaskaar Yoga friends,

Daniel and I (Jeenal) were delighted to see our beloved Guru Shrimati Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra inspiring hundereds of people with her charming personality, wise words of wisdom and her beautiful smile at the International Yoga Seminar at Ujjain, organised by Ujjain Life Society of Pt. Radheshyam Mishra. Hansaji was the Chief Guest Speaker of the Inaugration Ceremony. There were aslo other several eminent guests speakers present in the seminar who are great Yoga scholars and spiritual teachers as well.

She spoke beautifully on Yoga to the audience motivating them to follow the Yogachars (The 4 pillars of Yoga). Futher she spoke on life management, concepts such as Dharma (Duty) and Shraddha (Faith), Yogic eating habits and many other deeper aspects of human personality in relation with Yoga. Her speech had valuable and effective practical advices on life and lifestyle and were extremely appreciated by all the Yoga aspirants. Hansaji shined like a star, she looked beautiful inside out in her purple Indian Saree and a bright red bindi on her forehead. Her humble speech touched everyone's heart..she spoke with grace and power.

Every one and I myself, we all were moved when she concluded her ending note with wise words such as ''you have to continuosly flow in life, accept everybody in life, just see that everybody has it's own place in the world, go ahead and you will be really happy..blissful..we really do not need to put in so much effort to be healthy, we just need to become simple, make our food habits simple..make our thoughts simple"!!

Such a great personality..such a beautiful human, so humble gesture of namaste that she made as she bowed to everyone with humility and thanking the people.

Jai Gurudeva!! OM!!

PS : I will be soon putting in more details about her speech and about our experience at the International Yoga Seminar in Ujjain. Namaskaar,

Jeenal Mehta

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  1. Hi Jeenal and Daniel, hope you are doing well. I love your posts. They are very informative and there's also some great photography work! Keep up all the great work. Looking forward to more news from you.