Tuesday, March 29, 2011

International Yoga Teacher Training 2011 (YTT) in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Namaste freinds, With the blessings of our Gurus, Smt. Hansaji Jaydeva Yogendra and Dr. Jayadev Yogendra and all other respected teachers who have imparted the precious knowledge of Yoga to us, we have established our Yoga Academy. WLYA is the acronym for Wise Living Yoga Academy in what is an educational body which imparts Yoga Education and Lifestyle Principles of Classical Yoga. Daniel and I (Jeenal) have trained hundreds of International students and probably more than a thousand of Indians in the Yoga Teacher's Training Course from the Yoga Institute of Santacruz, Mumbai which is the Oldest Organisation of Yoga in the world. We have been also actively training several people with health problems,corporates thousand of children from different backgrounds and many different Yoga projects. Last year we got an authorisation and affiliation certificate from our Gurus Hansaji and Dr. Jayadev who are the directors of the Institute to form our Academy and give certificates. So now our Academy is affiliated to the Yoga Institute.

Daniel & Jeenal with Smt. Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra at The Yoga Institute of Santacruz, Mumbai, India.

Daniel and I have been working since past years teaching and working in setting a favorable Yoga Syllabus for International students. So now we have come up with our 240 hours of Yoga Teacher's Training Course which matches the International standards of Yoga Certifcation Programs as well. The other great advantage is that they also get certified from us and we are affiliated to the Yoga Institute of Mumbai, India as the world's oldest Yoga School. Our course is very comprehensive, with structured syllabus and assesement and it covers important aspects of Yoga ideology, philosphy, history and background. I can say that it aims at transforming one's life and it is even very good for anybody looking for a positive change in one's life at physical, emotional and spiritual levels. The course is from 4th June to 2nd July 2011. The weather is going to be warm with sunny bright days with occasional showers sometimes.

You can visit our Yoga TTC website: http://www.teachertraining.wiselivingyoga.com/

For more information you can also visit our main website: http://www.wiselivingyoga.com/

The reason we have selected Chiang Mai, Thailand is because of a very nice guest house which is favourable for training. It has a very nice covered rooftop and the accomodation is lovely, comfortable and quite with good facilities. Also Chiang Mai is a beautiful, traditional and International tourist destination which attracts thousand of tourists. So ofcourse there are days off for sightseeing as well ;-)

So you all are welcome to learn, share, explore and absorb the ancient knowledge of Yoga and life, so we all together can bring wisdom and compassion in our lives and in the lives of others as a Yoga Teacher, or a Yoga Instructor, or just being a kind person . Right now we are practicing and updating our Yoga knowledge in the Himalayas and busy preparing for the course to give you all the best we can.

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  2. all the best...God willing one day you'll have your programs and workshops all over the world..