Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ahimsa - Non-violence

Yesterday while passing by the village of Naddi I caressed the tender calf who was probably a few days old. I felt a deep connection.

After a while, sitting in the green grass I saw two little..very little bright red bugs with black spots mating. I felt love for them. And in the twilight of the evening, while sitting on the rooftop facing the Himalayas, just below in the courtyard of the villagers house, I saw the mother goat tied with a rope while the little black lamb was free. As the baby lamb would go around a few meters away to explore, the mother goat would attentively and protectively observe the baby. The baby lamb would come hopping back to the mother with a sense of achievement, and the mother goat would lick her baby with love. I thought, this is how all the mothers are, full of loving tenderness..isn't it?

Ahimsa or Non-violence is the first Universal Ethic, one of the first Yama of the Patanjali Ashtanga Yoga, also know as the eight-fold path of Yoga.
The highest moral conduct for a human being is the practice of Non-violence. When we are able to connect closely to all the living beings, be it an animal..big or small, a tiny fish, or a worm, we will realize that they all are seeking for happiness and the wish to live without pain or suffering. Just as you do, just as we all do. We genuinely wish happiness for all the beings when we are able to feel their pain and feel compassionate love towards them. This is the highest path of humanity and the only way towards self- realisation and God. May all beings be happy !!!
Namaskar !!!
With love, Jeenal.

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  1. I very Rarely eat fish and have never eaten meat ever in my life how ever fromnow i have decided to give up eating any fish seafood or any thing else with a face xxxx