Saturday, September 12, 2015

Our place, Our Ashram

The Ashram Setup

Wise Living Yoga Academy is truly the perfect place to not only attend a Yoga Teacher Training course but to experience a wonderful yogic lifestyle. The ashram is holistically designed to ensure the smooth and relaxing transition from ones daily yogic activities to a higher level, while being immersed in the exotic Thai gardens and surrounded by genuine laughter and smiles from students, teachers and friendly staff.

The serene environment at the ashram provides facilities that are extremely well kept and always inviting, whether it’s the relaxation area by the pond, the cosy library filled with an abundance of knowledge and wisdom or wooden seated areas hidden in and around the ashram for reading, self- reflection or just taking in the many peaceful sounds of nature.

Some rooms in the ashram opens onto it’s own garden ensuring the tranquility throughout the ashram for all students. There are four rooms situated near the dining area as well, two downstairs and the two rooms upstairs, all have a large balcony with a magnificent view as well.

Many students report being pleasantly surprised upon arrival regarding the accommodation. The rooms have a western influence with comfortable rooms and modern bathrooms and provide much needed comfort after a long day.

They are kept meticulously clean and whether sharing or staying on ones own, a feeling of ‘home away from home’ is often the warm feeling experienced by students at Wise Living Yoga.

The open asana area is situated in the middle of the ashram. This allows for easy access to ones room before, during or after sessions. One often hears the sounds of pots and plates clanking in the kitchen or work being carried out in the garden, which makes the students often feel at home whilst practicing their asanas with Daniel.

The open layout of the hall nestled among pure nature allows students to practice whilst nourishing their bodies with clean fresh air and absorbing an attitude of simplicity, calmness and gratitude whilst being surrounded by the peacefulness of nature.

Lectures held by Jeenal on Pranayamas, relaxation techniques, kriyas (purification techniques) and Sutra’s are also held in the open hall. Much of the students busy schedule takes place outside which gives the students a much needed break from indoor, city environments and contributes to them achieving a quiet and steady mind away from the rush and business of ones life.

The meditation and lecture room is in front of the asana area. It embodies and illuminates a sense of spiritual wisdom with an alter paying respect to photo’s of astute Guru’s.

Surrounding the intimate and warm room, are posters filled with conveying encouraging messages and various traditional ornaments each with their own powerful and unique meanings from ancient teachings.

As students meditate at sunrise, a feeling of union and respect can be felt as a common goal of stillness and concentration is sought after by each individual soul with the aim of achieving the ultimate truth.

With the guidance of the Guru’s and the emanating calmness and love from the beautifully considered room, one often enjoys meditation and interesting Philosophy classes in this beautiful space.

Most students will agree that one of their favourite aspects of their experience at Wise Living Yoga is undoubtedly the delicious, nutritious vegan food that is served with so much love by our incredible cook Panan with the help of the amazing and creative staff.

It is not only the scrumptious and vibrant meals that make the students dining experience so enjoyable, but the way in which the eating area is set up. The open area is behind the asana hall and next to the meditation room outside, where students have a view of the garden and are able to enjoy each meal either eating mindfully in silence whilst listening to nature or socializing with each other… usually the latter ;)

There is often some interaction between the staff and students while dishing up ‘buffet style’ as the staff ensures our taste buds are satisfied.

They often enjoy explaining their creative dishes in Thai while students after much gesturing, play a guessing game as to the correlated English meaning. After dishing up, there is an array of spices (oregano, turmeric, cumin etc) and wonderful condiments (vinegar, olive oil, sesame seeds etc) are displayed at the end of the table to further enrich the nutrition and taste of each meal.

Opposite the spice table lies a hot pot of Gold (herbal tea with lemon grass, ginger, bael and other ingredients) that will have you forgetting about coffee before long! This tea is always fresh and available throughout the day to not only refresh and support a healthy body function but also adds to the homely, comfortable feeling during ones stay at the ashram. Bananas are always available kept among the tea if students feel the need for a quick ‘pick me up’ during the day.

There is an outside relaxation area situated at the back of the ashram around the pond where one may enjoy listening to birds chirping, fish jumping, roosters roosting and bees buzzing among many of nature’s soothing sounds. This area can be used for reading in the hammock, asana practice or relaxation sessions

Wise Living Yoga Academy in Chiang Mai truly is a little piece of heaven. Situated in a surrounding community called Doi Saket with rolling hills, loads of lush green rice paddies and an abundance of fruit trees, including coconut palms and vegetable gardens. It really doesn’t get much better than this.


The people of Doi Saket are the most genuine, friendly and happy people you’ll ever meet. There are many temples in and around Doi Saket, two of which you will experience on the Friday morning walks known as Doi Saket Temple and Peacock Temple. With breath taking views, the Mae Kuaeng Dam can be reached within a half an hour walk during one of the Friday morning excursions or during ones free time. A cycle around the community whilst passing endless smiles and occasionally being chased by an excited village dog will keep your spirits soaring during your stay in Chiang Mai.

Lastly, one is not confined to the food and facilities of the ashram, although many students have no need to venture out due to the beautiful, tranquil set up, delicious food and staff that treat you like family. There are however various surrounding resorts with juice bars, swimming pools, masseuse’s and vegan/ vegetarian menus. 


I couldn’t ask for a better place to learn traditional yoga from teachers who have studied from under the oldest Guru’s in India and have such passion and care for their students. In a beautiful and more than comfortable ashram set in a community where the healing lifestyle is the exact opposite of everything that you would find in the chaotic and stressful world we live in today. I assure you that in your search for peace and contentment, the answer is awaiting you at this hidden Gem called Wise Living Yoga Academy.

Katie Assad (Former Student)

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