Friday, December 7, 2012

Isn’t It !? (A Yoga Poem) by Jo McParland

Isn’t It !?

Ignite the fires,
Strike up the band,
Cleansing all thoughts,
May I now stand?

In bright sunshine,
Or through waters clear,
Free from pain,
Of doubt or fear.

Let no shadow be cast,
Nor dullness grow,
From deep within,
Small seeds I sow.

The path leads on,
How it calls to me,
Poised to follow,
A dream set free.

Here in this moment,
Less the future and past,
I acknowledge all failings,
And release them at last,

Unchained from deep anguish,
How it tour at my soul,
No bindings or shackles,
Whole again I unfurl.

As onward I journey,
Baggage I leave well behind,
Stepping out from the darkness,
To myself... I shall find.

JoMcP Nov 2012

"This Poem is dedicated to the Chiang Mai Yoga Teacher Training group of November 2012. It is a thank you to Daniel and Jeenal for their time, effort and encouragement throughout the training. It is also dedicated to the Yoga Institute in Mumbai, without which none of us would be on this particular path. Thank you all for making my time with you so special. Namaste!"



Jo McParland from North Ireland, UK has completed successfully her 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with Wise Living Yoga Academy, in November 2012.

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