Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Yogi in Sangita Dhvani - by Shri Yogendra

The later Shri Yogendra, founder of The Yoga Institute of Santacruz was also a poet. Under the pen-name Masta Mani he wrote many poems and melodiously expresses positive philosophy like in The Yogi:

Mani Haribhai Desai became Shri Yogendra
after receiving traditional training in Yoga
from Paramahamsa Madhavadasaji
at Malsar, Gujarat, India.

The banyan roots grace
A pitched dark night,
And the solitary desolate place
Is devoid of light.

But from somewhere a song arose
Like feeble lunar glow,
Round the faint dhuni, a Yogi froze
Into a mystic smiling overflow.

In his lap a lute he played,
His fingers moved on strings
And well engrossed thus he stayed,
Experiencing a mystic musing.

The voice arose the joy to keep,
His ears sensed a thrill
He stayed in this divine sleep
Ending all his worldly ills.

As transcribed in the book The Householder Yogi. Life of Shri Yogendra by Santan Rodrigues and published by The Yoga Institute of Santracruz, Mumbai - India (1st Ed - 1982) 

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