Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yoga - Key to Better Living

This is an advanced age; an age of nuclear energy and jets.

We think that it has made our lives easier.  After all, don’t we have the radio, the telephone, the television, the wide-screen theatre?  And we also can have luxurious vehicles, or circle the globe in just a few hours.  This is the material progress of science.

Other advances have wiped out epidemics of malaria, smallpox, tuberculosis and many baffling diseases.  Surgery has enabled mankind to substitute new, healthier organs for old, disabled ones.

 Yes, it appears to be a healthier age! But it only appears thus.  In fact, it also brings about worry and, therefore, other of ill-health.

The world is such that we run a regular rat-race in our daily lives, a race against time, against the inroads that all street noises, telephones, work deadlines and newspaper headlines make.  We try to do one better than our neighbor, and fall prey to worry, to new ills.  Heart trouble, ulcers, allergies are common.

Psychological and psychosomatic disorders are the order of the day.  Almost all of us suffer from some such ailments.

And then, as a salvation we dream of running away from all this hoping to find a remote island, a Shangri-la.  We cannot really solve our problems by hiding ourselves as the ostrich hides the head.  There really is no new haven beyond the horizon.  It is all there with you and within you.

What we really want is the return to those qualities which make each one of us a loving calm, warm human being; a respected and liked human being.

And this can be obtained only through yoga.  The key, the only key, to such well-being, to better living, is yoga.  It is the only education for personality integration.

Excerpt & Illustrations from:
Key to Better Living - written & published by The Yoga Institute of Santacruz, Mumbai, India.

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