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Fundamentals of Yoga Education in Teacher Training

Experience a healthy lifestyle during our YTT course!

Participants doing morning meditation!
Morning Asana class

Our Yoga teacher training programs apart from guiding an individual to become a Yoga Teacher serves other purpose too.  A very good benefit of our Yoga course that is being held in Thailand and Bali is that the people will really experience living a Yogic Lifestyle. A healthy routine involving in waking up early and experiencing deep silence through meditation. Doing Yoga Asanas, breathing excercises will help to detoxify, rejuvenate and give a sense of well-being to you.Then, a healthy breakfast which is often neglected by many of us will help to balance your bodily requirements.

Our Yoga course is a blend of discipline, fun, relaxation and recreation :-)

Participants out for a trekking!
Next benefit is that the Yoga Teacher Training course emphasizes on self-awareness and self-discipline by giving you time limits to accomplish your personal tasks. After breakfast you have 2 hours for your personal care and study. Apart from this there is time for recreation where you have a chance to the connect to yourself and relax. On Saturday you have free time after lunch and a full day off on Sundays. On these days you can do recreational activities visiting cultural places, relaxing on the beach, morning walks etc. Yogic Relaxation will be also systematically taught and the participants will go through the process of Yogic Relaxation after lunch for efficient digestion, detoxification and rejuveanation. This will relieve them from nervous tension and calm the mind and body. Yogic relaxation is a very powerful and deep technique to bring a deep & positive change in the human personality.

During the Yogic Relaxation class

Yoga learnt through experiential learning!

Daniel teaching Bhagvad Gita in the green!
Study, Share & learn Yoga!

Our Yoga teacher training emphasizes on Yoga philosophy as well, which can help you to look at life with a broader perspective and encourage you to challenge your weaknesses. You will get the opportunity to learn Sanskrit words and meaning of it. You will be learning so many different aspects of life and Yoga that will help you to look deeper into your self and help you to discover your inner potentials!

Philosophy class with Jeenal

Healthy food habits is a part of Yoga!

A photo of a healthy
breakfast served in the YTT, Chiang Mai
in Thailand
Of course, food is something that can really make us feel healthy or sick. But here we will eat healthy varieties of food at proper time, and dinner will be around 6.30 in the evening as we will be going to bed early. Everyday we will be having varieties of fruits, vegetables, cereals and dairy products at regular timings and intervals. This will nourish and replenish the body with different vitamins! And having a discplined routine harmonise the biological clock of the body. It is like having a new life!

A deep positive transformation is the aim of our Yoga Teacher Training!

Conceptual activities class!
Learning different cleansing techniques, practicing Asanas, studying philosophy, connecting back to nature, everyday meditation, breathing teachniques and relaxation techiniques will bring tranquility and clarity in your physical and mental levels. This is one of the aim of our Yoga Teacher Training. Then one can experience the joy of being free from inhibitions, stress and pressures of a fast life.

Out in the nature for recreation!

Discovering a new path of life & sharing the knowledge with others!

Yoga Teacher Training group in Brazil
You will be learning to impart this knowledge to various groups of the people in the Yoga methodology class. The greatest benefit for many will be when they realize that they want to bring this spritiual and hoilistic education for other people around them. With all this knowledge of Yoga, you can go ahead to help and uplift people's lives. The postive change that you have experienced will be worth sharing with other people. There are so many different people like senior citizens, teenagers, parents, children, people with health problems, corporates and proffessionals, householders etc. that you can help.

Your teachers - A beautiful couple dedicated to Yoga :-)

Jeenal and Daniel is a lovely couple from India with whom you can share, and they are open to share their experiences about their yoga life. They have an in-depth knowledge and expertise in Yoga are experienced Yoga teachers from India. They have spent 5 years living, learning and teaching Yoga with their Yoga Gurus from India. They have trained hundereds of students till now. To know what their students say about them, please click on this link : Testimonials.

Daniel teaching Pranayamas
 in a Teacher Training course in Chiang Mai

Jeenal and Daniel in the mountains of Mantiqueira of Brazil

They have trained hundreds of students in Teacher Training course from various countries coming from different backgrouds and of different age group. They will be the main teachers guiding the group and staying along with the participants. Jeenal is a blend of western and Indian culture. She is an Indian woman who grew up in a traditional Indian family with Yogic values while studying in an International school. And, Daniel was born in Brazil in a brazilian family. He grew up doing various martial arts, adventurous activities such as mountain biking and diving. He lived in United Kingdom and Europe before arriving to India to learn Yoga. Now he is living in India since 2006 and both of them travel worldwide to teach Yoga. In 2006 Jeenal and Daniel met the Yoga Institute of India and ever since that they have dedicated their life studying and sharing Yoga with others.

Jeenal teaching Yoga Sutras in a course in Brazil

The Wise Living Yoga Academy Team invites you to join their Yoga Teacher Training to experience this beautiful journey of positive transformation, of self discovery, of self love and spiritual realisation!

Yoga Teacher Training Certification day
in Chiang Mai, Thailand - July

The course is recognized by The International Board of Yoga, The Yoga Institute - India which is the worlds oldest Yoga Organisation and accredited by Yoga Alliance - USA (RYS-200 Level)Please follow the links to know more about our YTT course 200 hours in 2012:-

Wise Living Yoga Academy Team

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