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Yoga Teacher Training in Brazil (Mantiqueira Mountains)

 Intensive (4 weeks) and internationally recognized Yoga Teacher Training Course

 Below are the photos of the beautiful place called Antigo Mosteiro de Serra Clara where the Yoga Teacher Training will be conducted. It is cozy, beautiful and a quiet place with surrounded by lush green mountains and waterfalls.
(300 Km from Rio de Janeiro and 250 Km from São Paulo)

Road taking you to our guesthouse. You can easily come from Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, it is a lovely 2 to 3 hours journey!

Lovely and welcoming entrance

The green landscape of Mantiqueira where the Guesthouse is located.

Flowery garden to enjoy our mornings, with humming bees and chirping birds!!

A beautiful garden with the fountain in the center where we can have walking meditation.

Cozy rooms for our Yoga students.

Green lawns surrounded by pine trees where you can stretch, relax, read and breathe fresh air!


Lounge for the yoga students to relax, discuss and study!

Beautiful Yoga painting

All the windows of the rooms face the garden and the mountains with pine trees.

View from your window

More rooms..all cozy and sweet


Audio and Video Room

Lovely evenings full of sunshine and serenity!

Garden outside the rooms!

Dinning Area with the wooden oven:-)

The international yoga teacher training course in Brazil will start on 29th of January and will end on 25th Feb 2012. Next course in Brazil will be in Jan 2013. Please visit our website mentioned below for more information.

Having trained hundreds of students for Yoga Teacher Training in India we are equipped with a great insight and experience to understand the necessities of the yoga course and of the student as well.

Our course has a very comprehensive syllabus giving importance to both theory and practicals. Early morning Meditation, Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Kriyas, Mudras and Bandhas will be taught systematically by the teachers. Theory and practical manuals will be provided to support your yoga study. Yoga philosophy sessions comprising of Bhagvad Gita covering Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Raja Yoga will be taught, and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Yogic lifestyle, Koshas (layers) will be taught as well. To further train the students to become teachers Anatomy and Yoga Methodology classes will be conducted where in the yoga student will learn teaching skills to handle different groups of people like children, senior citizens, corporate, housewives and various kinds of people coming from different walks of life.

An intensive Yoga immersion experience in Brazil is a lovely opportunity to not only become a Yoga instructor but also to have time learning about the place and to enjoy the beauty of nature. We will also go trekking in the mountains, to the waterfalls and for sunrise or sunset. You will get an unique opportunity to stay with Indian and Brazilian teachers and interact with them. Also you will be able to experience Brazilian cuisine like Feijao e Arroz (beans and rice) and have nutritious vegetarian diet.

Our objective will be to bring in positive healthy changes within your personality at all the levels - physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. This will be achieved by studying and practicing Classical Yoga in a very systematic method. As genuine Yoga teachers we give personal attention to our students and since the number of participants will be limited, we can focus more energy and time for your spiritual development. You will time for project work and assignments to understand the subject better. Of course the Yoga course is quite demanding and involves a good amount of effort from your side, however you will have space to contemplate and meditate to get rid of the past mental luggage and free yourself from any negativity and allow yourself to find new avenues leasing to beautiful possibilities of life. Usually the students feel very confident, free and full of energy after the completion of the course as they gain more clarity and stability of mind, which is a very important goal to reach.

So please visit our webpage to know more and book your place in our course. If you have any questions then please write to our team on

We are looking forward to see you! Namaste!!

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  1. Dear All,

    Nice to see all aspects of yoga under one roof. Most of the time we underestimated the importance of yama and niyama...