Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Teaching Yoga to the Korean Group

In this month of September, Daniel and I (Jeenal) conducted a Yoga workshop for Koreans at the Yoga Institute. This Korean group was sent by the Government of Korea and they had come to research on India, it's tradition, culture etc.

Daniel started the session with Asanas that were taught in detail. After the Asana session, I taught them the breathing practices or Pranayamas along with a detailed explanation.

Daniel teaching Vakrasana - Lying down twist pose.

Konasana 3 - Angle Pose 3

Shalabhasana - Locust pose

I also introduced a few Sanskrit words like Namaste explaining them the meaning of it. Later, I had a brief discussion on the history of Yoga, Patanjali and Patanjali Yoga sutras.

Jeenal teaching Intercostal breathing.

Jeenal teaching Diaphragm/Abdomen/Belly breathing.

Conceptual and Experiential Training in Yoga - Ball game activity for neuro-muscular coordination, memory, concentration and stress management with Daniel.

The participants from Korea were extremely interested and enthusiastic to know more about Yoga. This made us think that we could probably do a Yoga Teacher Training course (YTTC) for Koreans. 

So if you are a Korean and interested to have a YTTC or Yoga workshops in Korea or any other place, then contact us and visit us on or/and on facebook on

Jeenal Mehta

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  1. As people are being aware by yoga and various asanas so that they can be physically and mentally fit then there is a huge need to be well known by vary Yoga TTC that are getting rendered by various institutes.