Monday, July 4, 2011

Certification Day of 240 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Chiang Mai

Dear Yoga friends,

So finally the 240 hours International Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course in Chiang Mai, Thailand was successfully completed. The days spent here by all the participants from different parts of the world were not any ordinary days, but these were the days of deep knowledge, contemplation and hard work for personal development and Yoga teaching skills.

The selected group of students of Wise Living Yoga Academy comprising of Khim, Nadine, Romy, Elena and Hannah of June batch, Chiang Mai - Thailand received their certificates from Jeenal and Daniel upon successful completion of the course, assignments and examination.

From right to left : Nadine (Germany), Romy (Germany), Hannah (USA), Daniel (Headmaster of WLYA), Jeenal (Director of WLYA), Elena (Russia) and Khim (Canada)

The group of students presented a beautiful performance by singing the Imagine song of John Lenon to bid farewell with a positive and peaceful note.

Hannah from USA receiving Yoga certificate from Jeenal and Daniel

Remembering the Yoga Asana practice early in the mornings

Romy from Germany receiving the Yoga Certificate from Jeenal and Daniel

Everybody will miss those beautiful days with YOGA!!!:-)

Jeenal with some of the Yoga participants

The month was filled with intensive Yoga practice and theory, assignments, lesson planning and presentation. Healthy food habits, disciplined routine, meditation and chanting of Yoga Sutras and of Shanti Mantras supported the group for their spiritual practice.

We are glad that the ancient knowledge of Patanjali Ashtanga Yoga or the Classical Yoga will be carried forward by our students and will be spread all around the world. We wish them all the best for their spiritual journey of life. With peace and blessings of the Divine!

PS : 2nd batch in Chiang Mai from 14th July to 9th August 2011. Click here to know more.

Jeenal and Daniel

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