Wednesday, November 10, 2010


(Translated from Portuguese)

About Daniel's classes:
It would be difficult to say everything I wish, but I’ll try to make it short. Simply [he was] my Guru in India; a person with whom I learned Yoga; excellent teacher; [he] rules in the subjects related to Yoga; with great ease [he] shares his knowledge, besides preparing marvelously his classes. Congratulations, thanks a lot for all you have done for me”.

About Jeenal's classes:
Excellent teacher, very well prepared, [she] has great expertise on the subject and total control over  the class; makes good use of examples in accordance to the subject; taught exceptionally well how to prepare a good lesson plan;  showed us how to teach Yoga in diverse situations and also for different groups. Congratulations, thanks for everything”.
Rodrigo Ferreira Medeiros, Physical Educator – Brazil

Hey brother.. thanks a lot for given us these testimonials!
Hope you are doing great and spreading Yoga there in Brasil!
Missing you here in India !!
Big hug my friend.


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