Friday, October 29, 2010

Behind & Beyond - Asanas!

When it comes to asanas, the definition is very simple, Asana is a posture, of course, but which type of posture? It is a posture where you are steady and comfortable, happy, and peaceful. If you are uncomfortable, if you are unsteady in a posture, then that would not be labelled as an Asana. Any fast movements would not be recommended nor considered as asana. But the point is: if the body is stiff or sick any posture could be uncomfortable for that person. So for such conditions, we have a few derivatives out of the main asanas to help that person; to add more flexibility, to see that muscles are toned up in these and those areas and so on. So the person will do some of these very simple derivatives and understand their effect in different areas of our body.

Have you ever observed that your body is not in the same position all the time? Note that the body gets into a different state, in different situations. Which are those factors affecting your body's relaxed and peaceful state? Stress is the main factor, but stress happens in different conditions, like: if you're tired or if you have not slept well; if you don't work at all, then the body becomes quite stiff; mental agitation plays a very big role; if you are suffering from some health condition, it affects you; your diet directly affects the system; if you don't eat at regular intervals or eat junk food, your body situation is different. So, people should start observing these things to develop that awareness, which is the aim of every asana.

In fact the purpose of asana is to get you into that steadier state. Now, that is possible only if you watch yourself regularly throughout the day and find out what is the condition of your body. See to it that you don't overdo or do less of certain things. As far as possible, organize yourself to have a good state, to feel healthy and in a good condition. So this is like a homework, that you have to start observing yourself every time you do anything in life. Suppose you don't find time to do a particular asana in a particular way, you don't have to feel bad about it. It is the idea behind asanas that is to be carried out; to develop awareness, sensitivity of self, and to watch self. You still have to eat your food, sleep, walk and go to work. Well, at those times, if you could develop a little awareness as to how you sit, how you stand, how you breathe, if just a little awareness is manifest, then the purpose of asanas would be served. Asana is not something which is only physical culture. It needs your attention, it needs your emotion, and it needs your caring.

Well... so let's practice with awareness and right attitude !!
Namaskar !!

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